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Mysteries Surrounding The Lemonade War Series

PickyKidPix just turned 11-years-old recently. Part of her birthday celebration was to meet one of her favorite authors who happens to live one town over. PickyKidPix became a fan of her mystery chapter books in 3rd grade but continues to read them — insisting on buying her own copy — even though the books are now a quick read for her.

After her soccer game, we brought a friend of hers, Abby, who claims to hate reading to meet the author as well. What’s interesting is that Abby loved The Lemonade War series and is a strong reader. She just doesn’t like reading. Ah, I think I can change that!!

PickyKidPix was similar to Abby; a strong reader who only read for school assignments. Abby says she doesn’t even do that. It just took a small fix to get PickyKidPix reading:

1) Meeting authors makes her want to read their books.

2) Peer recommendations and teacher recommendations persuade her. Mine barely count, by the way.

3) Identify genre and area of interest. My daughter likes award winning chapter books and realistic fiction. Special needs characters are a big draw. Historical fiction works too. She likes strong characters, drama from the get go, and a happy ending.

Abby really liked The Lemonade War series so this event was a good match. We got her a signed copy; always more enticing I think! And the result? PickyKidPix said that she finished it the very same day! A victory for reading!

Now, onto the mysteries!

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