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Free Site for Summer Learning Activities for Kids (CWIST)

I received an email from CWIST, a free website for parents and kids, and was intrigued by their idea:

  • Challenges or “cwists” are crowd-sourced from parents, educators, mom bloggers and experts and posted in the cwist library.
  • The cwists can be anything from organizing a community clean-up, researching fun facts for an upcoming family trip, completing a summer reading list or mastering good manners over time.
  • Upon successful completion of a cwist, kids choose parent-approved rewards which can range from a sleepover, day trip, toy or gadget they have wanted or something completely unique and original.
  • This seems like the perfect source for summer learning activities for kids!

Music and Science Fun for Kids

I was pretty impressed by the featured CWIST that was emailed to me. It’s a DIY craft CWIST with a science and music twist. Read more…