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Attempting Screen Free Week April 29 – May 5 2013

I’m not sure why, but our school had a screen free day last month. These screen free challenges are particularly difficult for my kids, hooked as they are to their iPhones, iPod Touch, computer, TV and Wii. Did I miss any? Does the Color Nook and Kindle count too?

Successful Screen Free Day Last Month

I was shocked when my little boy, 2nd grade, burst out of school with a plan to stay screen free. He cooked it up with his 3rd grade best friend Sam. They were going to:

  • Jump on Sam’s trampoline
  • Go inside and eat a snack
  • Play Clue and other board games
  • Go back outside and jump on the trampoline some more
  • Read books (our March Madness school reading competition was still going on)

It was imperative that he go to his friend’s house so his request was happily granted. Three hours later, he came home and announced that 1) We need to buy Clue (I had thrown our board game away ages ago), and 2) Going screen free for the day was not as hard as he had thought. Read more…