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Girls and Math: Busting the Myth (from Mind/Shift)

Girls Are Bad at Math Myth

I thought this was an important article on girls and math from Mind/Shift:

Do girls need special attention when it comes to science, math, and technology topics? In response to last week’s article about Techbridge, the after-school science program specifically geared to girls, some readers strongly refuted the notion that girls need the extra nudge. Read more…

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Do Apps Make Your Kids Smarter?

Are Apps Making Kids Smart or Dumb?

After just posting on iPhone and toddlers and the slippery path to too much TV screen time, I found this argument for the educational benefits of iPhone/iPad apps.  Isn’t this just like the parenting books that we all read while pregnant?  Was it me or if you read enough of them, didn’t they all contradict each other?  That used to make me crazy!  Then I found the solution:  I just followed the advice of the parenting books that coincided with my parenting style.  I think the iPhone controversy is the same:  go with your gut.  You are always right when it comes to what is best for your child.  And … moderation is the key! Read more…

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Toddlers and iPhones: TV or Educational?

Is the iPhone Bad for Toddlers?

I have to say that my iPhone, which is a fairly recent acquisition, is hotly sought after by all my three kids, so much so that I never know what the volume level is set at, or where to find the icons I use as my kids are constantly “organizing” my phone for me.  My youngest was 5 when I got my iPhone and is very adept at using my iPhone.  In fact, he was the first to discover how to delete apps when I discovered that he had removed all the educational math apps that offended his sensibilities.  Had I purchased the phone years ago, I’m sure he’d have played with it at a much younger age. Read more…