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Reading for Banned Book Week

In honor of Banned Book Week, let’s all read a book on the list! Thank you to Allison of No Time for Flashcards for this link!


Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2011-2012

Information on why the book is banned or challenged excerpted  from The Daily Beast.

1. TTYL series by Lauren Myracle

The first book in the series, “TTYL,” was banned from a town in Texas in 2008, after parents complained about the sex and profanity in the book. But author Lauren Myracle seems unfazed by the controversy. “My favorite comments come from girls who say, ‘I feel like you’ve given me a self-help book because my parents won’t talk about this.’ When I was a kid, I read Judy Blume to figure out what a hard-on was and what to do when you got your period, so when people say to me, ‘You’re this generation’s Judy Blume,’ I am wildly honored by that,” she says.

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