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48 Random Acts of Kindness to Celebrate My Birthday

Random Acts of Kindness … Creating a Daily Habit

On my actual birthday, I was in bed sick all day and the day before that as well. It’s a good thing that I planned on doing 48 acts of kindness (not really random as some have pointed out since they were premeditated) in advance of my birthday.

Getting my kids to do it was also a bust. My new teen GrasshopperandSensei (just 13) thinks doing acts of kindness for my blog doesn’t count towards good karma. She thinks it’s all a big marketing scheme. Ditto for my 10-year-old daughter PickyKidPix who tends to side with her big sister. My 8-year-old son did not participate either. He needs prompting. Instead, he gives me lots of kisses. Read more…