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pink slime and McDonalds

Pink Slime is Everywhere

I’m in a bit of a Twitter war with McDonalds {my kids giggle as they read this}. You see, I’ve only recently found out they put Pink Slime in their hamburgers. While they have ceased this disgusting additive about a year and a half ago, my kids were eating McDonald’s hamburgers as part of their Happy Meals when the Pink Slime was an ingredient. So I’m angry. Angry at the deception. And disgusted by the tactics McDonalds will take to offer 99 cent hamburgers.

Then I learned that McDonalds’ restaurants in Mexico and Canada never included Pink Slime. Many in these regions were quick to note that their hamburgers are not sourced from the USA. I can’t say I blame them. The USDA seems to think that Pink Slime is a perfectly wonderful additive. In Mexico and Canada, they think Pink Slime is not fit for human consumption and use it for dog food. Honestly, I wouldn’t feed Pink Slime to my dog. It would give him cancer!

Why did McDonalds stop including Pink Slime? It was chef Jaime Oliver who persuaded them in this video:

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