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The Perfect Class Pet and What Not to Get

Does your child have a class pet at school? Do you ever wonder about sponsoring a class pet for a teacher? I’ve had the most wonderful  Kindergarten teacher for all three of my kids. When we visited her classroom earlier in the year, I noticed that one of class pet aquariums was empty so I asked if I could be a sponsor.

What Not to Get for a Class Pet

She said yes to being a class pet sponsor, but asked for a pet without fur (allergies). She already had a baby turtle swimming around so a non-water pet was preferred. Her biggest worry was temperature. During the winter, our school’s thermometer is turned down to the 50’s to save electricity on the weekends. Even with a heating pad and lamp, the aquarium gets very, very cold. Too cold for snakes or lizards. Too cold for hermit crabs too.

My kids have had other class pets and offered up their advice (a.k.a. criticism).

  • African Giant Millipedes (too boring)
  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (too noisy)
  • Salamanders (too delicate)

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