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Hospital Bag Checklist When Having a Baby

Katie from Moore from Katie said, “A few weeks ago, I had a couple of girlfriends at my house and we began talking about what we packed for the hospital when our children were born.  We began to reminisce about the odd items our husbands suggested to pack and I thought I would put a fun twist on our conversation.  I created a collage and wanted to pass it along.  Take a look at my collage here: ”

She thought it would be fun to have other mom bloggers share what they packed for the delivery room hospital stay. My hospital bag checklist is below Katie’s.

Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby Delivery

Katie’s Must-Haves:

1. Diaper Bag: I love this color! Source:
2. ID and Insurance Cards: These are a MUST have for the hospital- to ensure they process your paperwork correctly.
3. Cord Blood Collection Kit: This is of your partner’s responsibilities and is important to give to your doctor. Source:
4. Flip-Flops: Many of my friends brought slippers, which got dirty quickly at the hospital. I chose flip-flops and they were great!
5. Bathrobe: It’s important to be comfortable and a cozy robe is a perfect choice.
6. Big Sibling Gift: Making your first child feel involved is very important. Bring his/her gift to the hospital for their arrival!
7. iPad: Comes in handy to Skype and e-mail!
8. Camera: My husband was able to capture some beautiful pictures with our camera. These memories are priceless. Read more…