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BlogHer12 Link Up for Bloggers

Blogging for Women and BlogHer 2012

Capability:Mom and I went for the first time to BlogHer and it was like a mysterious game in which you don’t get the rules to play by. Everyone seems to know the rules, or at least the bloggers who seem to be in the thick of things including sponsors, private parties and swag so it’s easy to feel like a loser. And yet, there were 130 sponsors eager to meet bloggers so there is something and someone for everybody. Read more…

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Balancing Social Media To Actually Get Things Done

Balancing The Demands of Social Media for Bloggers

Question: What is more demanding? Your kids or your social media to do list? Please comment! Read more…

Why Google Hates Mommy Bloggers plus SEO Tips

SEO Tips for Mommy Bloggers

My SEO Consultant is trying to keep up with the rapid changes from Google while translating them into changes for her blog and mine. It’s not easy as the rules seem to have change tremendously and continue to evolve as noted by the fact that they have even changed the name from Google Panda to now Google Penguin. What the heck?! Stop using cute animal names when you are doing something dastardly. Read more…