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Pinterest Party! Here’s Your Invite!

Join the Pinterest Party

Usually, I am late to the party. Not an actual party because my husband and I are freakishly on time, but a social media new technology party. Yep, I’m not an early adopter.

Pinterest caught my eye while hosting a Twitter party for the Million Moms Challenge to help women in developing countries deliver babies safely and get access to medical care. I was intrigued so I applied to join. There was, apparently, a wait list, but I was in the next day. Read more…

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Winning the Lottery: The Opportunity to Try VBAC

VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

I was really lucky when it came time to finding an obstetrician. I asked a Dad Work Friend whose wife is an anesthesiologist and she recommended an OB for me that, as I came to find out, was impossible to get because she’s a high risk pregnancy specialist and these are in short supply at Mass General Hospital. My OB is also popular, I suspect, because she’s funny and down-to-earth. She’s someone you’d want to hang out with. Read more…