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Top 5: Using Electronic Devices to Get Kids Reading

Getting Kids to Read by Using Screens

There are extensive and excellent posts on how to get reluctant readers to read with scores of great ideas including graphic novels, books on tape, shared reading, and the like. When The Reading Corner, a blog for Reading Horizons’ “At Home” division, as me to guest post for them, I had to rack my brain to come up with ideas to get reluctant readers excited without duplicating the excellent posts already on their blog. Read more…

5 Fun and Safe Social Networks for Children

Safe Social Networks for Kids

This is a very helpful post by Sarah Kessler on Mashable.  I feel like I am just starting to understand Social Media networks for myself but I have no idea what is out there and safe for my kids who are now clamoring to blog, get their own email accounts, and create websites.  I’m all for that, but I just want them to be safe.  Thanks Sarah!  Your information was exactly what I needed for myself! Read more…

How To Set Up a Blog for Your Child

Kids and Blogging

My oldest has been begging me to blog on my blog which is funny because she normally finds my blogging to be annoying.  Today Mashable had this really great article on helping kids create their own blog.  Caveat:  if you do this, your kids will then be your technical support because we all realize that kids will be better at the tech stuff than we parents.  I am going to help her, but this will require us to get another computer! Read more…