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Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

Getting Crafty for Valentine’s Day

My college roommate was talking about her new mother-in-law a few years back, describing her as “crafty.”

“Crafty, in a good way,” I asked? I was thinking sneaky Machiavellian crafty.

“No, not evil crafty. Arts and crafty!”


My brain just does not compute crafty because I am not good at arts and crafts. The thought of homemade Valentines as my kids’ school requires typically fills me with dread because my kids are too old for my old standby: paper lace and pink heart paper cutouts.

Thankfully, this year I have Pinterest and the Kids Blogger Network. I am going to use these resources for homemade Valentines this year. If that doesn’t work out, we can always use ecards from HallmarkHere are some ideas I’m considering.

Do you make or buy Valentines? Please share your ideas!


The Imagination Tree has lots of heart crafts ideas ideal for making cards for different age recipients. I like her potato print cards for school Valentines and her heart shaped photo holder would be perfect for grandparents. The red and white clay heart ornaments would be another option that would stand out for school Valentines.

Imagination Tree hearts crafts

Doodles and Jots demonstrates how to make your own heart shaped box instead of buying one. In real life, she’s a product designer. Can’t you tell? My older kids would love to make this! It would be perfect for a teacher gift and she gives a recipe for chocolate pretzels. Now, I just have to save cereal boxes!

doodles and jots heart box craft for older kidsRead more…