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Magnus Chase & The Hammer of Thor GIVEAWAY!

Magnus Chase & #HammerofThor Swag GIVEAWAY!

I think that I’ve mentioned a few times how much we love Rick Riordan books? My son has read every word that man has written with the exception of his adult novels. (Yes! He wrote for adults before Percy Jackson.) My son reads them so fast that I had to find other books like Percy Jackson and diversity books like Percy Jackson. He, of course, prefers the real thing.

My son raced through the first Magnus Chase book where it was fun to see Annabeth Chase. In order to follow the Nordic Mythology references, my son made a second attempt to read d’Aulaires’  Book of Norse Myths, and completed it this time. Honestly, Norse Mythology is a little confusing compared to Greek and Roman Mythology. The gods are more ambiguous with regard to “good versus evil.” We will definitely read Riordan’s new companion book to brush up on the Norse world. His books are particularly good at highlighting lesser known gods and stories so it’s always worth reading.

We also read the new Trials of Apollo Percy Jacksons series. At first, I liked the Magnus Chase book better. We also appreciated that Magnus Chase is set in Boston where we live. It was fun for us to read about places that we had been too. Apollo as a mere mortal takes some getting used to. This Apollo series also has the return of some of the Percy Jackson gang as supporting characters.

Riordan’s newest series are fresh and clever takes on the Percy Jackson series. He seems to be writing faster than ever, which greatly pleases my son. After reading each new book, my son always asks me when the next one is coming out. I used to quote one year, but now it seems to be a little faster but his craft continues to improve with that intoxicating mix of adventure, humor, and super powers. We are so excited for these next two books!

Are your kids also excited for the newest Magnus Chase book? What do you think of companion books? Do your kids read those voraciously too? Please enter to win a copy AND some swag below.

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