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Madame President Election Books for Kids

Madame President Election Picture Books for Kids

Are you following the U.S. presidential elections? I am and it’s turned into an embarrassing reality TV show. Even though I hate politics and avoid it like the plague typically, I watched all four debates and was elated after Hillary took the lead after the first one.

The third debate sparked a few controversies including my new purchase of this t-shirt. #ImWithHer

Nasty Woman tshirt

My new t-shirt from Google Ghost.

For today’s post, I wanted to highlight three new books that I received that the presidential debates and election into focus: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And while I like all three of these books, they each represent something about the presidential election that is good, bad and ugly.

#NeverTrump Trump as bottom feeder by Zoe Lee painting

Trump as Bottom Feeder by Zoe Lee. See her art portfolio at Flying On Miles.

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