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Lysol No Touch System, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Lysol No Touch GIVEAWAY

I was so impressed when I met the Lysol folks at BlogHer12. They were really nice and I was able to speak to Dr. Laura Jana, a rockstar pediatrician that I’d stalk to get into her practice if she lived in Boston. (She doesn’t).

So when Michelle Vroom asked if I’d cover the new Lysol No-Touch System, of course I would. Yes, that’s her real name. Vroom. How great to have a last name with onomatopoeia! And just in time for April’s National Poetry month!

Word of the Day

onomatopoeia (on·o·mato·poe·ia)

Definition 1: the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it (as buzz, hiss)
Definition 2: the use of words whose sound suggests the sense
Her name is also in a famous children’s book!

Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems … Vroom-Vroom Vroomy Vroom-Vroom. Read more…