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12 Days of Shopping: Teacher/Tutor Gifts (Day 5) GIVEAWAY

Gifts for Teachers and Tutors

We have a slew of tutors to remember every holiday season, both Capability:Mom and I.  And by tutors, I use this as a catch-all to mean all the extracurricular teachers that do 1:1 or small classes with my kids for things like math, Spanish, Chinese, flute, karate, and the like.  Some moms also include teachers for group classes such as gymnastics and I always feel like a schmuck when I notice them giving beautifully wrapped gifts to them because I have failed to include them on my own list.  Ah well.  It is a crazy, busy time of year! (Day 1 gifts work well for teachers of group classes:  Granola and Granola Bars). Read more…