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Head Lice Remedies

Getting Rid of Lice

Thank you to Capability:Mom for sending me this video  from The Wall Street Journal on Remedies for Getting Rid of Head Lice.  I hope you are not battling lice, but if you are, please watch this helpful video to get a great overview of your options. Read more…

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How To: Detect & Get Rid of Lice

How to Detect and Get Rid of Lice

I  have battled lice twice thus far.  Between my school’s PTO website, the summer camp nurse, and the web, I found a plethora of information both helpful and confusing.  Below is what I found to be successful in eradicating lice.  I hope this helps you in your battle against head lice. Read more…

Jennifer Aniston Gets Rid of Lice with RobiComb

Electronic Lice Comb in Jennifer Aniston Movie

I’m impressed that Jennifer Aniston knows about the RobiComb, an electronic lice comb that zaps lice dead.  My Mom Friend that runs a preschool told me about it and it’s great to have in your arsenal against lice.  For more on How To:  Detect and Get Rid of Lice, please click here.  For the Wall Street Journal video on lice, please click here. Read more…