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Top 10: Gods of Modern Times, As Observed by Alien Archaeologists (humor)

What We Really Worship

Maybe I am reading too much mythology via Rick Riordan lately, but it does seem like the ancient civilizations who had a plethora of gods or goddesses specific to a certain thing or two had the right idea:  specialization plus multitudes equals better chance of getting attention from deities.  Nowadays, we tend to go with the all-the-eggs-in-one-basket approach.  There is nothing wrong with that but if aliens from another planet came down here millenia from now and excavated our sliver of civilization, I bet they would think we are actually worshipping these Gods and Goddesses. Read more…, las vegas is a hell hole, las vegas is not for families,, las vegas not a good vacation destination for families, kids, children

What Happens In Vegas Not Healthy for Kids

Why Vegas is Not Great for Family Vacations

The Teen Verdict on Vegas:  “A Skeeze-Fried Hellhole.”  Click here for the entire article courtesy of, Managing the Chaos of Modern Motherhood.

Here are some choice paragraphs from her excellent and informative article.  And might I add that I also vehemently hate Las Vegas and completely agree with her! Read more…