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Kitchen on Fire and Fire Safety

Christmas Kitchen Fire and Family Fire Safety

My sister’s house caught on fire on Christmas day and it was kind of my fault. You see, we were Skyping her for the first time. My husband and brother-in-law had set up a Skype time so that we could talk to her family and  my mom on Christmas day. We were in our family room. They were in their garage where my brother-in-law has his photography lab set up.

Our roast was in the oven and it was mid-afternoon our time on the East Coast. They were three hours back and were between Christmas events having come back from a family Christmas brunch and headed out to a dinner in a few hours.

We were chatting pleasantly with my mom and brother-in-law. My niece and nephew were playing in their house but my kids were crowded around our computer. My sister joined us for five minutes. She returned to the kitchen and all of a sudden we heard, “Fire!”

There was some scrambling. We saw my sister and brother-in-law rush past us, fire extinguishers in hand (the small kind). Read more…