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Why Are Boys Failing? Brain Development Differences?

Boys and Learning

This is an interesting theory but the article is not well fleshed out. The research shows that the final brain development is basically the same for adult men and women but the rate of development of boys and girls is never in synch.  It’s not so much that boys are behind girls; in some areas boys are ahead and in others behind.  It’s more that the brain development is on a different route. All roads get there eventually … they just make different stops along the way. Read more…

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Why Are Boys Failing? Boy Code?

Boy Code Affect Boys’ Success at School?

I’m not sure if this is the reason why Boys are Failing at all, but this is part 4/5 of The Globe and Mail‘s look at Why Boys Are Failing?  This is a Canadian publication, so maybe the boy code is stronger there, what with everyone playing hockey??  I don’t know… this is their weakest argument in their excellent series. Read more…

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Why Are Boys Failing? Video Games!

Boys Failing at School Because of Gaming?

This is Part 3 of 5 of The Globe and Mail‘s in depth look at Why Are Boys Failing?  I am always very sensitive when this topic comes up because I know that I am not doing a good job at policing my son’s video screen time.  This article deals with the proliferation of video games and their negative  impact on boys (feeling guilty already!). My son, who just turned 6, loves any type of screen:  DSi, iPad, iPhone (mine), computer … the TV is a distant 4th.  In fact, when he was the Star of the Week for Kindergarten last week, he wrote that his favorite thing to do was to play on the iPad.  Sigh! Read more…