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I’m Judging the Cybils!

I’m really excited to be judging Graphics (as in graphic novels) for the 2013 Cybils! What am I excited to read? Graphic novels that tell a great story, get kids excited to read, and have beautiful illustrations doing some of the heavy lifting of storytelling. I’d also love to discover more graphic stories for younger kids and especially some geared for girls. Graphic novels are my secret weapon for reluctant readers. I’ll be excited to share them with you … eventually!

Please meet my esteemed colleagues for round two. You can also follow them on Twitter. We are not allowed to blog on the short list that Round 1 judges will come up with until after the awards are announced but expect to hear more about great graphic novels from me shortly after that.

Want to nominate a children’s book for the Cybils? That will be coming up shortly!


2013 Graphics Judges

Second Round

Emily Mitchell, Emilyreads

Debra Touchette, Adventures in Reading (Also blogs at Guys Lit Wire)

Michael Kahan, No Flying, No Tights

Mia Wenjen, Pragmatic Mom

Maria Selke, Maria’s Melange
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