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Keeping Kids Safe from Inappropriate Touch

Top 10 Books to Empower Kids About Their Bodies

The stats on child sexual abuse are alarming.  I met author and mom, Jay Dale, on Twitter and she asked me if I was going to cover this issue. I usually post lists of books but wasn’t familiar with books on this topic, and honestly, I struggle with the Birds and the Bees Talk. Still, this is a really important topic and I am delighted that Jay agreed to guest post for me.

Here’s a few more books:

Do You Have a Secret? (Let’s Talk About It!) by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, illustrated by Marta Fàbrega

A very gentle book describing the difference between good secrets and bad secrets and what to do if you have a bad secret. [picture book, ages 4 to 7]

No More Secrets for Me by Oralee Wachter, illustrated by Jane Aaron

In four separate stories on the theme of sexual abuse of children, young victims are able to articulate their feelings and defend themselves, often with the help of another person whom they trust.

Laurie Tells by Linda Lowrery, illustrated by John Eric Karpinski

It’s been two years since it first happened when Laurie was nine-years-old and she still can’t understand why her dad is hurting her.

But now it’s not monsters and spooks

that scare me.

Now it’s my dad.

The first time it happened,

I was nine.

He was saying good-night,

scratching my back.

And then he reached

under my nightgown

and touched my body all over.

I hated what he was doing to me.

I began to cry.

[advanced picture book, ages 9 and up]



We teach our children water safety and road safety — it is equally important to teach our children ‘body safety’ from a very young age. As both a teacher and a mother, I strongly recommend to all parents that ‘body safety’ become a normal part of your parenting conversation. The sexual abuse of children has no social boundaries, and providing children with body safety skills empowers them with knowledge of what is good and bad touch. Read more…