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Newton MA, Victorian house in Newton,

Humblebrag Parenting

The Parent HumbleBrag

How do you keep a clear head in a town that races to nowhere and the measure of success is how busy your kids are? I have two pieces of advice:

  • No one can get sick or injured. Flu shots are mandatory. Products like Mucinex can help keep you going when you do succumb.
  • Kids and Parents: Run your own race.

My mom friend Penny grew up in the town we live in. I think of our suburb as full of transplants from all over the place. I forget that there are a chunk of parents who actually grew up here, went away, and then came back to raise their families. At coffee today, she was bothered by the new parenting humblebrag that she encountered when bumping into a high school classmate who also returned to Newton.

Newton MA, Victorian house in Newton,A Victorian house in Newton, MA that dares to be different.

“Do you remember,” Penny asked, “when everyone would brag about how many hours they worked?”

“You mean, post college?”

“Yeah, when we used to work 50 to 100 hour work weeks?”

The number of hours worked was a proxy for how important and/or successful you were apparently.

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