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How To: Get an Athletic Scholarship

Advice from Boston College Coach on How to Get an Athletic Scholarship

Even if your child does not appear to be the next Tiger Woods, Mia Hamm or other athletic superstar doesn’t mean that athletic ability won’t have any bearing during the college admission process.  If you can follow these tips and tricks and particularly the dos and don’ts, you will be ahead of the game!  As the parent, you will have a backseat, no doubt, during this arduous process of getting your child into his or her dream school, but knowledge is everything.  My mom friend neighbor, who is a Varsity Coach with 14 scholarships, advised me that s/he who prepares early for this process can change the admissions outcome.  It’s a game like any other.  So read on.  This a game changer! Read more…

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Making the Most of Your Child’s College Visits

What to Find Out During When Visiting Colleges

Please welcome Erika Coplon of InsideTrack (private college counselors) who offers these tried and true suggestions when visiting college campuses. I remember doing her suggestions when I looked at colleges and would add a few of my own: Read more…