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Getting Kids Published with Erik of This Kid Reviews Books

Getting Kids Published with Erik of This Kid Reviews Books

I am so thrilled to be co-posting with Erik of This Kid Reviews Books today at the request of Erika of Urth Mama:

Do you have any interest in doing a blog post (or series) about career pathways for children/young adults to become children’s book authors?

I ask because my 8 year old daughter (aka Paprika) has wanted to be a children’s picture book author and illustrator since birth (practically).  She has read every children’s book – knows all the Caldecott and Newberry winners – and in general, is just obsessed with Children’s Literature.  She has taken a few classes on Craftsy about Children’s Book Authoring – and beyond that, I don’t really know how to guide her.  She is just set on this (and has been for years) – and overall, it’s her mission in life.

The first person I thought of to help Erika is Erik because:

Nancy Yi Fan is another published kid author. She wrote the series Swordbird which was accepted for publication by HarperCollins when she was 11-years-old.

My advice on how to get published as a kid is: write, write, write! Take art classes as well if you are so inclined. Being able to write and illustrate is a powerful combination. Do writing challenges like Julie Hedlund’s 12 x 12 picture book challenge which also gives away critiques by children’s book agents. Start a blog as both a writing experience and to build your audience. As a published author, you will be expected to market your book and social media will be your friend! Finally, be persistent. The road to being published is paved with miles of rejection letters.Without further ado, here’s Erik! …—————–
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