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Healthy Milk Alternatives for Kids

My daughter doesn’t like milk all that much but she, as an active teen, needs calcium and vitamin D. A friend, who is a nutritionist, suggested that we try soy milk and almond milk to mix it up a little. It would give her the protein she needs as well.

Milk Alternatives for Kids

We started with Silk Vanilla Soy Milk. It’s funny that my kids do not like vanilla flavored  cow’s milk but they liked the soy version. I’ll add this to the shopping list! It’s also nice that the carton is shelf stabilized so it only has to be refrigerated once it’s opened. I’m adding this to my Costco list!

Next, we tried the Silk Fruit and Protein Mixed Berry soy milk. It’s like a smoothie. I like it as a quick on-the-go breakfast which works beautifully because teenagers, at least mine, are not morning people! Read more…