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Healthy Living for Elders #AgingWell

Healthy Living for Our Elders #AgingWell

Healthy Living for Elders #AgingWell

Aetna recently teamed up with on a survey to find out what healthy means to more than 5,000 members. There is a strong focus on connections between the past and the future.

  • Many grandparents these days live with family, with almost one in five respondents reporting that they live with children or other family at least some of the time. My mother lives alone but my sister lives nearby and sees her twice a week.
  • A grandparent never really retires: A large number of survey respondents still work either full- or part-time. My mom sells wellness products so I can attest to that! I think a part-time vocation keeps my mom active.
  • Grandparents are online! Almost half (46.3 percent) say they use mobile devices such as phones and tablets for Internet searches about health. My mom is on Facebook!
  • Grandparents have a health focus. More than a quarter (27.2 percent) say they wish they had started exercising 20 years ago. More than one in seven (14.4 percent) state they wish they had started taking better care of their emotional health 20 years ago through activities like yoga and meditation. My mom takes weight lifting and line dancing classes.

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