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Books for Kids Who Hate Reading

Books for Kids Who Hate to Read

I discovered this really excellent list of chapter books to hook reluctant readers by  I love how it’s organized by topics and also that it has a range of books within each topic for different ages and abilities. Finally, I love how the books are so well chosen out with many award winning chapter books across a whole jumble of children’s book awards as well as kids books that they will truly enjoy.  Even if your child is not a reluctant reader, scan the list. There are discoveries waiting to be made here! Read more…

Simple Ways to Make Reading Fun for Your Child

Make Reading Enjoyable for Kids

Reading is essential to the intellectual growth of a child. Study upon study has linked early reading habits with admittance to college and future success, and not only that, but reading is fun. A good story transports the reader to other times and places and stimulates thought and the creation of new perspectives. But it can be hard to instill a similar love of reading in your child for various reasons. Reading is hard at first, and it requires more work than watching TV or playing video games. Plus, it does not offer the instant gratification of time in front of a screen and is not always viewed as “cool” by your child or their peers. Read more…