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Great Expectations from PickyKidPix and Funny Things Kids Say

Our middle child wants to become a billionare when she grows up. She must have overheard her dad talking about his golf trip to Ireland to celebrate his friend’s 60th birthday/Father’s Day. They plan to walk several courses and take caddys the first round. My husband sent me this transcript of their conversation under the heading of Funny Things Kids Say.

I have no idea how she has ascertained her hourly rate either but I was pleased to see that she is able to divide!

PickyKidPix: How much does a caddy make?
Her Dad: Around $50.
PickyKidPix: For how many hours?
Her Dad: About 5 hours.
PickyKidPix: 10 bucks an hour??  I need at least $100 because I charge $20 per hour. Read more…