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Visual Dictionary: Free and Great For Science

Free Visual Dictionary Great for Teaching Kids Science

I’m part of a Yahoo homeschooling group that focuses on education and someone recommended this visual dictionary so I checked it out and it IS amazing for science or anything in which you need a visual explanation. Read more…

Winter Boots for Slogging Through Snow ON SALE!

Best Winter Boots for Moms Who Deal with Snow

I have a list of criteria for my annual winter boot purchase:

  • Must be weatherproof (i.e. can walk in dewy grass with dog and not get wet, cold feet).
  • Must be flat (i.e. must be able to walk 2 miles in comfort AND be able to sprint short distances in case need arises to  chase after kid or dog).
  • Must be around $200 AND on sale!  This might be a one season only purchase, not so much because the boots don’t last but because the winters are long.
  • Can’t be ugly. Read more…
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Make Your Own Comic Book, $10

Create Your Own Comic Book

I thought this would make a great holiday or birthday gift for boys who show an interest in graphic novels and/or comic books.  It’s an especially good and sneaky way to draw in reluctant readers and get them reading, writing, and drawing. Read more…

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Do It All Mom Planner

Best Paper Organizer Planners for Old-Fashioned Moms

So here’s my question:  to be a Supermom, must you be on an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry?!!  Can you be a Supermom and still track your schedule and your children’s appointments, practices, play dates, and other sundry extracurricular activities on, gasp!, paper?! Read more…