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Fantasy Garden Play Spaces for Kids and Adults

Now that it has warmed up, I’m thinking of my garden again. My husband keeps reminding me that it desperately needs weeding. My old neighbor taught me this trick of sliding an old paring knife to the tap root. It works better than the weeding tool I used to use.

Still, I’d rather think about fantasy garden play spaces for kids and adults than about all those weeds!

My fantasy started when I saw this sideshow from Dwell that made me drool about garden play spaces for kids. They suggest adding hills, stumps, boulders, dens, gates to nowhere, and loose extra materials to make the most awesome garden for kid sized adventures.

We are going to get rid of a tree to get more sunlight into our dark backyard. I’ll have to remember to get someone to slice disks for playing with. An old stump as holder would be amazing too!

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