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Sponsored Fun Toy Fantasy Video

Every Child’s Dream! Sponsored Fun Toy Fantasy Video

Marnie from Carrots Are Orange pointed out that the initial message in this video that forest = boring is not a good a message for parents or kids. I agree. I wish the lead in was different. There really is no need to send a message that a field trip to the woods isn’t fun. We did a really successful book club for 3rd grade girls doing just that! And going to the woods to make stick toys is the only thing practically that keeps my little son off screens. Please rethink that Toys “R” Us.

I have to say that I was mesmerized by the joy of the kids rushing into the toy store that I bliped over the forest field trip part. Mea culpa.

When you were a kid, did you ever fantasize about being able to go to a toy store and pick out anything you want?! I did but it never happened. Toys arrived, of course, for birthdays and Christmas, but never that wild shopping fling of racing through aisles to find that perfect, extravagent toy that your parents would never get you.

There are other toy store fantasies too. Toys coming alive. And that is so wonderfully depcited in the movie Toy Story and in chapter books like The Doll People trilogy.

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