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Dating My Husband All Over Again

Dating My Husband and Downton Abbey

Mari of Inspired by Family Magazine blog brought up a good point last month: the need to date our husbands again. It’s true. With three busy kids, we are great at coordinating the logistics of who picks up whom at what time, but after a day of running around, we are pooped. Our dinner-without-kids have been relegated to our anniversary and our birthdays. And when I got sick for my birthday dinner-without-kids, we still haven’t had time to reschedule.

As for movie night, we are even worse. We used to get out for a non-kid movie once a year (which isn’t much, I totally agree). But it’s been years since we’ve made time for dinner and a movie out. It takes so long that we are lucky to just eat dinner out.

Mari’s vision is to encourage our readers to get back to the basics by sharing simple and fun ideas to date our husbands, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! She has assembled a great group of mom bloggers and we hope you will share your ideas too! Read more…