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Big Book Format Diversity Picture Books

Big Book Format Diversity Picture Books for Storytime

My college boyfriend’s first job was working for his uncle’s educational publishing company which made these Big Book picture books. I remember him calling me (we had broken up after college but were still friendly) that he was so nervous at his first sales presentation. He psyched himself up by turning away from the classroom of children and teachers, and said to himself, “I went Harvard, I can do this.” Then he turned around and wowed the crowd.

He read a Big Book to the kids and he was amazed that a little boy guessed the surprise ending right off the bat. He just couldn’t believe that that kid figured it out that there was an animal reveal at the end. I think it was a cheetah.

My friend moved on from this job to do other things, but he gifted me two Big Books for my birthday. I wasn’t sure what to do with them. They were really big books. They didn’t fit in my book case. Now, of course, they would really come in handy. Who doesn’t love a really Big Book for a read aloud? The sad thing is that there are hardly any diversity titles for Big Books. A reader asked me for a list, and I dug around and found these.

Do you do read alouds? What other Big Books do you recommend? Thanks for sharing!

Big Book Format Diversity Picture Books for Read Alouds

The Colors of Us (big book format) by Karen Katz

Multicultural colors reflect a wide range of skin tones that pair with different kinds of food in this diversity picture book. With engaging illustrations, this picture book is a nice way introduce diversity through skin color in a positive way: cinnamon, chocolate, honey, coffee, toffee, and butterscotch. They sound so delicious. [Big Book picture book, ages 4 and up]

Flower Garden (big book format) by Eve Bunting

It’s a lot of effort to plant a lovely window box garden but a little girl and her daddy work on it all day in their brownstone apartment because it’s a special surprise for someone they both love! [Big Book picture book, ages 2 and up]

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