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My DIY New Header Artwork and Avatar

DIY New Header Cost Blood, Sweat, Tears and $29

You might have noticed that my header now magically fits. It’s all due to my good Twitter friend @IanChia who read my post and volunteered to fix all the size issues I had with my header plus added the snazzy shadowing effect. He also made the image clearer by fixing some pixel-ation problem that occurred during my insane process of copying, scanning, and shrinking. He’s one of the most helpful and knowledgeable Twitter friends I’ve made in the education space, so much so, that I thought he was some super educator dude down under. Read more…

Gorgeous Tulip Bulbs Remarkably Cheap

Buy Tulip Bulbs Discounted during Summer to Enjoy in Spring!

A little reminder:  now is when I hunt down cheap tulip bulbs and store them in my garage until November.  I get mine at The Christmas Tree Shop.  Buy them now.  Store until your garden dies down.  Then plant.  And enjoy tremendously next spring! Read more…

A Year of Blogging with CoffeeShopBloggers

Mommy Bloggers Self Help Group

It is shocking to me that it’s been a just over full year of blogging for me and our little group, the CoffeeShopBloggers, and I wanted to give an update on how blogging has affected our lives. A year ago, the economy was in the tank . Our paying gigs were slow and we had time on our hands which we were not used to. It was time to make an investment in ourselves, to allow ourselves to be creative again, and to push the envelope with this “social media” phenomenon which was scary to us because none of us have technical chops. Read more…

DesignTrackMind Creates Child-Friendly Spaces

Child Friendly And Gorgeous Interior Design

When I started my blog a few months ago, it was rough going.  I’m not technical nor SEO savvy, so I constantly (daily!) plagued by problems and questions both technical and not.  And it was no fun trying to figure this out on my own, holed up in front of my computer.  So I started a blogging group with just a few moms at school in various stages of blogging or wanting to blog.  And it has been magic. Read more…

Kids Caught in the Act … of READING!

How to Raise a Reader

Happy New Year 2011!  I am resuming regular programming with my weekly Monday feature, Caught in the Act … of READING.  Many thanks to everyone who sent in photos last year of their kids caught in the act of reading and please, please, please keep them coming.  You can email them to me at (at) gmail (dot) com.  You know to take out the () and put in the symbols, right? Read more…

Scott Schulman, The Sartorialist,, best fashion blog

The Sartorialist: Fashion Blog for Inspiration

Scott Schulman, The Sartorialist,, best fashion blogI must have been hiding out under a fashion rock for the past few years, but I’ve recently discovered The Sartorialist even though it’s been around since 2005 and garnering Time Magazine‘s award for Top 100 Design Influencers.  It’s a beautifully spare collection of photos — kinda reminds me of DesignTrackMind‘s gorgeous blog but this one is centered on fashion with very well dressed people on the street.  Scott Schulman has an appreciation for the little details, particularly in well dressed men, but he appreciates a quirky or striking outfit on women as well.

I had to look up the word “sartorial.”  Here is the definition:

Adjective.  Of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress: “sartorial elegance”.  Great name for a style blog, huh?

He has an interesting story.  He’s always been a fashion guy, working in sales and marketing for high-end designers, and eventually ending up with a showroom in New York City helping to launch the likes of Peter Som and others.  9/11 hits.  Showroom:   poof, gone!  No one is buying high end fashion after that.  He starts taking photos for his blog, and I might add that he’s a very talented photographer, and his blog slowly gains enough momentum to launch into a real business.  He photographs and writes for and GQ but it’s his voice — minimalist, insightful, and authentic that helps us, the reader, to understand the nuances of his gorgeous photos.

If you follow his blog, and I encourage it, you’ll find that you’ll stand in front of your closet every day pondering your outfit with a little more deliberation.  Hey, he could be around the corner with camera in hand waiting to snap you!  Especially if you hang out in NYC, Milan, Paris, or London during Fashion Week!

p.s. I am not allowed to poach any of his photos without his permission and I don’t know him so please click here to see his blog.

p.p.s.  His girl friend, Garance Dore, is also a fashion blogger and has a great blog! She’s French, so it’s no wonder!

Celebrity Sightings with DesignTrackMind

On Being on TV with DesignTrackMind

My mom friend, DesignTrackMind, has some exciting news!  She is the Interior Designer for the new This Old House project that is underway in my neck of the woods (Auburndale, MA).  She’s having a blast.  We hear snippets. “Best clients in the world!”   And, “Tom Silva and Norm Abrams are really as nice as they seem to be on T.V. and possibly even hotter in person!”  And even, “Best volunteer job ever!” Read more…

Pole Dancing for Ladies Who Lunch

Pole Dancing with Mom Friends

Note that there are no photos for this post.

And yes, it was I who lunched yesterday on fancypants Newbury Street, the Rodeo Drive of Boston, with my CoffeeShopBloggers group — my “self-help” mom bloggers group (not to stop blogging but to get better at it).   We met with a lovely gentleman from litl who is a power tweetdeck user and he taught us the ins and outs of Tweetdeck and Twitter.  If you don’t use tweetdeck because of that annoying “bloop” sound that it makes every time there is a new tweet from the folks you follow, now I know how to turn that blasted thing off (under settings).  Tweetdeck is awesome because it helps you to sort your incoming tweets so you are read the ones that most apply to your interests PLUS it connects to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.  You need it if you follow thousands of people. Read more…