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Wet One Sticky Situations

A Sticky Situation: Enter to Win iPad Mini

Baking Brownies is a Sticky Situation

Do you cook with your kids? I decided to encourage my kids to cook. They are always asking me to bake brownies for them so I bought some mixes for them. It seemed very simple. Add water, oil and eggs. Mix, pour and bake. I would pre-heat the oven for them and put the pan in as well as take it out. I’d let them grease the pan. I hate that part! Read more…

Cooking Camp is What’s For Dinner

Cooking Camp for Kids

My oldest, Grasshopper and Sensei. went to a cooking day camp for a week. It was an expensive week but when you factored in the meals she brought home that fed our family of five, it was a bargain. We would get a breakfast baked good, two desserts, entrée, sides, and salads from recipes of FoodTV network stars. One day there was homemade pasta using a recipe by Mario Batali! I think the amazing creamy polenta was his too. Read more…