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Poetry by 2nd Grade Boys

I visited some poets in 2nd grade (my son and his classmates) for a parent visiting day and thought they’d be perfect to celebrate  National Poetry Month in April. 

2nd Grade Poetry

The 2nd grade poems composed color poems using What is Black? by Mary O’Neill as their model. The poem was in my son’s notebook and all marked up. I guess he studied it carefully.

color poems, 2nd grade poetry, 2nd grade poems by boys, poetry 2nd grade, poetry month 2nd grade

I wasn’t able to find What is Black? online but I did find Mary O’Neill’s What is Red?

What is Red? by Mary O’Neill

Red is sunset

Blazing and bright.

Red is feeling brave

With all your might.

Red is a sunburn

Spot on your nose.

Sometimes red

Is a red, red, rose.

Red squiggles out

When you cut your hand.

Red is a brick

And the sound of a band.

Red is hotness

You get inside

When you’re embarassed

And want to hide.

Fire-cracker, fire-engine

Fire- flicker red–

And you’re angry

Red runs through your head.

Red is an Indian,

A Valentine heart.

The trimmings on

A circus cart.

Red is a lipstick

Red is a shout

Red is a signal

That says “WATCH OUT!”

Red is great big

Rubber ball.

Red is the giantest

Color of all.

Red is a show-off.

No doubt about it.

But can you imagine

Living without it?  Read more…