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Tiger Mom Parenting Rejected in China

No More Tiger Mom Parenting in China!

Capability:Mom loves the Wall Street Journal, as do I, but my husband does not like right wing publications so my subscription was never renewed and actually banned from my house.  She sent me this interesting link on a phenomenon in China regarding a new parenting book that is all the rage that I would rename:  Forget Thousands of Years of Confucian Thinking That is the Back Bone of Your Society and Embrace Western Child Rearing Practices. It’s actually titled Chinese Parenting Advice Undergoes a Small Revolution by Victoria Ruan. This seemingly innocuous best seller might actually be a game-changer — imagine if the next generation of children in China (billions of them) start thinking like a Westerner?!  Democracy can’t be far behind. (And it’s a slippery slope to spoiled children who don’t listen to their elders !). Read more…