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child's inner voice, New Year Goals for my son

Your Child’s Inner Voice is You!

My 8-Year-Old Son’s New Year Resolution

I remembered this quote from Pinterest and it reminded me of the influence we have over our children. We can box them in with “you can’t … ” or open doors with “you can be anything you want to be.”

child's inner voice, the way you talk to your child becomes their inner voice

From Spiritually Speaking.

Then, when I dropped my 8-year-old son off at school, I saw his classroom hallway display with the kids’ New Year’s Resolutions. I read them all but could not tell which one was my son’s. He reluctantly showed me.

It seems that the nagging we do about too much screen time has left an impression. And his reluctance to identify his balloon stemmed from knowing that he, in fact, is on screens too much.

child's inner voice, New Year Goals for my son

It’s funny that our “Less Screen Time” message morphed into a more exercise message. I’m not sure if it’s made a difference.

The sports he plays are all organized sports and he spends a lot of time negotiating which practices he will wants to skip with me. The make up soccer practice last night since he will miss practice for a birthday party was nixed in exchange for the new Club Soccer Winter practice on Sunday. Fine!

As for screen time, he finished all his work before dinner and excused himself. PickyKidPix remarked that he had two screens going simultaneously, a video game on the computer while watching TV.  Read more…