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Children's Books on Holi, the Hindu Spring Festival

Children’s Books on Holi, the Hindu Spring Festival

Today is Holi which I know very little about so I asked author of Dev and Ollie: Colour Carnival to help me out. Please welcome my guest blogger today Shweta Aggarwal!


There’s only one thing that comes to mind immediately when the festival of Holi is mentioned – bright, vibrant colours everywhere! Holi is literally one of the most colorful festivals in the world because PEOPLE get coloured!

Children's Books on Holi, the Hindu Spring Festival

The spirit of Holi embraces everyone, bringing people together. Although this Hindu festival has been celebrated in India for thousands of years to commemorate the victory of good over evil, it has recently gained widespread popularity. Traditionally, the festival kicks off with a Holika bonfire the eve of Holi where people dress in their finest clothes and sing and dance around the bonfire. The next day, on the contrary, everyone’s out on the streets wearing their shabbiest clothes because what’s in store is to get coloured from head to toe! Dry coloured powder, water pistols and water balloons are a common sight when ‘playing Holi’. Read more…