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Sri Lanka with Kids Books, Recipe and Design

Exploring Sri Lanka for Kids through Children’s Books, Food and More

I love this local cafe, L’Aroma Cafe, which seems to be a vortex attracting all kinds of nice people and frequently people who I know both one and two degrees of separation apart.  It was no different the other day when I was hanging out, waiting for a friend to arrive.  The owner came up and started talking to me.  They had offered their space to my friend,  Sharon Schindler,  a talented photographer of quintessential Boston, and it was wildly popular so all parties involved were thrilled, myself included because I got to eat yummy desserts surrounded by her gorgeous photos.   Read more…

KidsMathFun Math Worksheet App

Math Worksheet App for Kids

I tested 1st, 2nd and 4th grade KidsMathFun on my  4th grader, 2nd grader and preschooler.  They were not a big hit.  These apps are very straightforward online math worksheets with problems and 4 choices for answers.  There are variations of this with Minute Math (timed), Double Dare (you have the sum and one of the numbers.  Find the missing number), and  Try Again (you can do your incorrect problems over again). Read more…