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Wonder by R J Palacio Helps Us Understand Our Differences

Meeting Wonder Author, R. J. Palacio, was Wonderful!

PickyKidPix and I attended an Understanding Our Differences author visit featuring R. J. Palacio of Wonder.

We learned a few things:

  • R stands for Raquel
  • R. J. Palacio’s message in life and in her book is : “Choose kindness over being right.”
  • A visit to a local ice cream shop changed her life, causing her to write this

I was so impressed with the kids who attended the sold out author event. The questions were came in a never ending stream — as written questions but also several lines of kids waiting their turn for the mike.

The questions were so insightful too. An author’s dream audience, I would imagine. They were so interested in every word she had to say. So empathetic for the characters. So engaged! We actually ran out of time for questions and not a single adult asked a questions — there was no way we’d deprive the kids of their questions. Read more…