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Why Are Boys Failing? Lack of Male Teachers?

Do Boys Need Male Teachers as Role Models?

Part 2 asks if one root cause is the lack of male teachers who serve as role models, the theory goes, and teach that learning is cool.  This doesn’t feel like it hits the nail on the head, but the argument for this is below. Read more…

Why are Boys Failing and Who’s To Blame?

Why Are Boys Failing in School?

Thank you to Dad Friend,, for sending me this article.  He’s Canadian so he’s follows the news both there and here.  In this case, the story is the same (as it is worldwide); the puzzling yet largely ignored phenomenon of failing boys and the politics over past decades of boys versus girls in terms of  success both inside the classroom and in the boardroom.  It’s a pendulum that seems to swing towards one side or the other, never managing to get both sides to “succeed.”  Who is to blame?  It is parenting?  Is it the images in textbooks?  Are expectations of boys lower in our society? I think we’ll need all six parts to get a handle on this! Read more…