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How To: Save Money on Back to School Shopping

Back to School Savings

It was fortunate that today I met with Capability:Mom for a few minutes before our client meeting. We do social media consulting together and we are having so much fun that it hardly feels like work. I told her I needed some back  to school shopping savings ideas and she rattled of a ton of great ones so fast I could barely keep up. She likes CouponMom whose blog has now become a small enterprise with 14 staff members! I know that she also researched backpacks extensively last summer. Read more…

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Discovering Korea for Kids with Kids’ Books, Art and Food

Exploring Korea through Books for Kids, Celadon Pottery, Chosun Chests and More!

This was my second pilgrimage to the Brimfield Antique Flea Market with Sharon Schindler Photography and Capability:Mom. Sharon is there to shoot and shop. She shot some amazing vintage photographs there last year and Capability:Mom has the Ball Jars photo on her kitchen wall. This year they both scored blue-y tinged vintage Ball Jars for a song, a purchase that was made sweeter when we found out that the rest of the vintage jars there were much more expensive! Read more…

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Kids Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught Reading

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures. Yikes, I am almost out of them. Will you please send me more? Thanks! Please email to

This week we have picture book author Erica S. Perl with two great photos (and more to come as she generously sent me four!). Marci, a Special Education Reading Recovery teacher helps kids learn to read and comprehend even if they are up to 5 years behind their peers! She’s true unsung hero in our community! Finally, thank you to Capability:Mom with some cuties reading. Read more…

My DIY New Header Artwork and Avatar

DIY New Header Cost Blood, Sweat, Tears and $29

You might have noticed that my header now magically fits. It’s all due to my good Twitter friend @IanChia who read my post and volunteered to fix all the size issues I had with my header plus added the snazzy shadowing effect. He also made the image clearer by fixing some pixel-ation problem that occurred during my insane process of copying, scanning, and shrinking. He’s one of the most helpful and knowledgeable Twitter friends I’ve made in the education space, so much so, that I thought he was some super educator dude down under. Read more…

A Year of Blogging with CoffeeShopBloggers

Mommy Bloggers Self Help Group

It is shocking to me that it’s been a just over full year of blogging for me and our little group, the CoffeeShopBloggers, and I wanted to give an update on how blogging has affected our lives. A year ago, the economy was in the tank . Our paying gigs were slow and we had time on our hands which we were not used to. It was time to make an investment in ourselves, to allow ourselves to be creative again, and to push the envelope with this “social media” phenomenon which was scary to us because none of us have technical chops. Read more…

Summer Salads from Whole Foods Magazine

Beautiful Summer Salad Ideas

I clipped this from an issue of Whole Foods Magazine that they were nice enough to give me when I checked out one day. I saved this particular page for a long time watching it accumulate oil stains and creases knowing that I wanted it, yet not actually doing much with it.  I do have a tendency to use my blog as a paperless file system for all the bits of useful information that I run across and want to save.  Capability:Mom reintroduced me to the Farmer’s Market in our town.  I had been avoiding it for two years since the birds in the park that holds the Farmer’s Market dropped dead from Avian Flu and this flu is transmitted by mosquitoes lethally to humans. Read more…

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Use My Library Summer Book List; It’s on Your Shelves!

Best Summer Book List for Kids

My friend, CapabilityMom, asked me yesterday if I posted on the reading list from our public library (Newton Free Library) and this caused me to go into a tirade: Read more…

Googly Bands Teach Personal Finance

How Googly Bands Can Teach Kids Financial Literacy

The latest craze at our elementary school is these Googly Bands which are basically rubber/plastic bands shaped like animals that kids wear, en masse, as bracelets.   Word was out FAST which stores had them and which were sold out.  They are $2.50 for a dozen at some gift stores in town and as I walked in with my oldest, who had been bugging me all week to take her, I literally heard the store owner on the phone with Googly Bands asking how fast they could ship more. Read more…

Easy Dinners for Busy Moms

My Riff on The Silver Palate’s Chicken Marbella

The Silver Palate is one of those classic cookbooks that everyone should have in their kitchen library.  I think the first one is still the best.  My riff of their Chicken Marbella evolved because my kids think prunes and dried apricots are “gross.” And my pepper mill has been broken for a few weeks and I keep forgetting to get a new one.  This tip is for busy parents:  buy 2 cut up chickens and marinate each chicken in a gallon size zip lock bag.  Do this over the weekend when you have more time.  Then, eat the first chicken during the week, say on Monday or Tuesday.  Freeze the second chicken for next week.  AND…use the leftover cooked chicken for a fabulous chicken salad recipe that even my kids love for packing lunches.  (or save it for your own lunch!) Read more…