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Best Graphic Novels for Readers, Reluctant or Otherwise (ages 3-16)

Best Graphic Novels for Kids

I learned the stories from the bible through comic books as a child. I attended the local Presbyterian church down the street of our old house which my parents sent me to because the neighbors went there. My mother grew up Buddhist and my father didn’t have much exposure to religion growing up in pre-Communist China. Nevertheless, they think that the bible is part of American culture and encouraged us all to attend Sunday School. Read more…

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The Middle School Reluctant Reader

Middle School Kids Who Hate to Read and What to Do

This is from a really great group blog of middle grade authors called From the Mixed Up Files of Middle Grade Authors:

“In her article “Choosing Not To Read” Kylene Beers, Professor of Reading at the University of Houston breaks reluctant readers into four distinct groups: Dormant Readers, Uncommitted Readers, Unmotivated Readers and Unskilled Readers and contrasts them with the Avid Reader.  Let’s take a look at these five groups of readers. Read more…