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client Nicole Laske Skyping with Scott Brunning our Exercise Physiologist

Retrofit Weight Loss GIVEAWAY Worth $3108

Retrofit: Vanita One Year Later and 20 Pounds Lighter

I met my SEO consultant Vanita Cyril almost exactly a year ago. She left me a comment on my blog and tweeted to me to say hello. She was interested in learning about Retrofit when I did this very same giveaway last year. My auto picker didn’t pick her but she impressed me so much that I recommended her to the nice folks at Retrofit as a brand ambassador. When she signed on, I read about her Retrofit experience all year. And rooted for her as the pounds came off.

Now that it’s a New Year, I wanted to do the Retrofit Giveaway again. Change another life. So I recruited Vanita to tell her story, 1 year later. The After to the Before. I think she’s inspirational and I hope that you do to. Read more…