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Top 10: Best Poetry Books for Kids

Oh how I’ve procrastinated this list. I think I’ve been “working” on it for more than a year. I feel somewhat fraudulent posting on best poetry books for kids because I’m no expert. National Poetry Month is forcing me to face my own fear of poetry to finally complete this list.

Poetry for April has permeated our house. My kids are all doing poetry units at school. No coincidence, I think.

The other week, PickyKidPix had to go to the library to research poems of oppression for her school poetry project. (Strange topic, right? Her friend Devin has “rain” as a poetry topic). We asked the librarian where the poetry books were. I had no idea there was a HUGE section of poetry books for kids in the Non-Fiction section!

It was eye-opening to realize the poetry books are NOT organized by topic. I’m no expert on the Dewey Decimal system but I’m not sure this is the best way to organize poetry books for kids. We pored over  four bookcases of poetry books looking for people of color which is a little like searching for that proverbial needle. Nevertheless, we found this small pile.

poetry for kids on oppression

After digging for poetry books, I realize that sometimes it’s nice to have a list served up to you. I hope this list serves you well!

Please share your favorite poetry books for kids. Together we can build this list. Thanks so much! Read more…