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Picture Books for Kids Whose Best Friend Moved Away

Books for Kids Whose Best Friend Moved Away & Kid Lit Blog Hop

It’s not easy when your best friend moves away. I found three picture books that might help a child in this dilemma but I’d love to add more books to this list. What am I missing? Thanks for your help!


Juna’s Jar by Jane Bahk, illustrated by Felicia Hoshino

Juna loves to take an empty kimchi jar and explore with her best friend Hector. One day when she goes to find Hector, she finds out that he’s moved away. Her big brother Minho tries to cheer her up by buying her a fish for her jar. When the fish gets too big, she and her brother plant a bean plant in her jar instead. When the bean plant outgrows her jar, a cricket makes the jar its home. Each offering to her jar also sparks her imagination with a wonderful daydream. When she finally is able to say goodbye to Hector, Juna and her jar make another discovery at the park that helps her miss him less. [picture book, ages 4 and up]

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