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make your own paint Impressionist art project for kids

Art Project for Kids: Making Paint Like Impressionists

Did you know that the Impressionist painters had to make their own paint? Not mix paint. No, they actually had to make their own paint. They couldn’t just buy it in tubes from a store!

Museum of Fine Arts impressionists, how impressionists made their paints and canvasesSee those small vials of powers? That’s what they used to mix colors to make paint! Their paint didn’t come in tubes!

How Impressionists Made Paint

See those pots of colors? Inside are ground up pigments made of all different kind of materials found in nature to make paint.

Canvases too had to be made by each artist! They couldn’t buy a canvas from an art store. Instead, they bought fabric, used wood to create a frame, nailed the canvas to a the wooden frame and then prepared the canvas with a substance called gesso. It’s made of gypsum and can be painted onto the canvas to “prime” it. Read more…